Contraptor is a collaborative project with many people from all over the world contributing ideas, code, designs etc.
Below is the (incomplete) list of people that have been involved with Contraptor in one way or the other.

Vitaly Mankevich - concept, designs, implementation, testing, documentation, fabrication

Riley Porter - support, tutorials, video, laser cutter, designs, fabrication, promotion

Arthur Wolf - designs, testing, bug fixes, metric version, promotion

Mike Gittelsohn - trial angle fabrication on Shopbot

Sam Putman - ideas, support

Jason Alafgani - supply chain optimization

Christoph Schwaeppe - support, documentation, metric version, testing

Simon Beard - Sketchup plugins, support, testing

Angus Hines - trial angle fabrication on Shopbot, alpha angle

more to come..

Thanks to

Chris Meighan and Mike Ellery for Arduino GCode Interpreter

Ladyada for early support

Kulibin project team and Reprap project community for inspiration

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