Structural Kit


This kit includes various lengths of perforated angle, from 1" to 18", as well as 10-24 screws and nuts. This is a foundation kit used for building static contraptions, such as machine or robot frame, holding fixture, test stand etc.

Used in

Before you buy

  • Contraptor set is in beta.
  • The set uses imperial measurement system (inches). Consider availability of imperial parts, including fasteners, in your locale before ordering. Contraptor uses 6-32, 10-24 and ¼-20 threads.
  • The set uses holes that are intentionally oversize (1/4”) for corresponding screws (10-24, <3/16” dia). This allows lower part tolerances which means ability to make replacement parts without precision tools and lower part cost.
  • While components work as intended in most cases, they have not been tested in variety of conditions (vibration, temperature, dust/dirt, overloading, long operation time, or their combination). Do not use the set or machines assembled from the set in mission-critical applications.

Part list

qty part source
8 angle-1 fabricated
16 angle-2 fabricated
12 angle-3 fabricated
12 angle-4 fabricated
8 angle-6 fabricated
6 angle-9 fabricated
6 angle-12 fabricated
6 angle-18 fabricated
100 nut 10-24
100 screw 10-24 1/2"
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