Naming principles and listing of "official" Contraptor components. This is currently under development.



  • name should identify each component uniquely without ambiguities
  • name should be human-readable or have human-readable part (when inserting components in Sketchup, search results are icon + name)
  • name should be immune/tolerant to structural/hierarchical changes introduced by new components
  • name should be easily parsed by a machine

Compound components: these consist of several atomic components. Some atomic components are screws and bearings (where industry name/part# could be used), others are fabricated from angle/tube. Tying the name of such child components to parent may not always work if the child is used in more than one compound parent component. On the other hand, majority of "children" have only one "parent".

Proposed naming conventions

CCC - component name, capital letters (AAA-ZZZ)
99 - component size, numbers (00-99)
s - system indicator - i(nch) or m(etric)
M - modification, for example D(IY), L(asercut), option A, option B (A-Z)
r - revision of design, small letter (a-z)

Component nomenclature

# Name Unit Type
BC-I belt-clamp ea assembled
CNC-I coupling-nut-clamp ea assembled
CN-I captive-nut ea assembled
LBR-10I linear-bearing-1 ea assembled
LBR-25I linear-bearing-2.5 ea assembled
LBR-35I linear-bearing-3.5 ea assembled
LRR-06I linear-rail-6 ea assembled
LRR-12I linear-rail-12 ea assembled
LRR-18I linear-rail-18 ea assembled
LRR-24I linear-rail-24 ea assembled
SE-10I sliding-element-1 ea assembled
SE-25I sliding-element-2.5 ea assembled
SE-35I sliding-element-3.5 ea assembled
STM-I shaft-mount ea assembled
A-01I angle-1 ea fabricated
A-02I angle-2 ea fabricated
A-03I angle-3 ea fabricated
A-04I angle-4 ea fabricated
A-06I angle-6 ea fabricated
A-09I angle-9 ea fabricated
A-12I angle-12 ea fabricated
A-18I angle-18 ea fabricated
A-24I angle-24 ea fabricated
LNM-I leadnut-mount ea fabricated
LS-UHMW limit-switch-angle ea fabricated
SMM-N23I motor-mount-nema23 ea fabricated
ANG-1I angle-1x1 ft material
CBR-10P ribbon-cable-10pin ft material
CNL-10I05S channel-1x0.5 ft material
DRR-025I drill-rod-1/4 ft material
RCT-20I15S rectangular-tube-2x1.5 ft material
SQT-15I square-tube-1.5 ft material
THR-025I threaded-rod-1/4-20 ft material
UWC-125I075S UHMWPE-channel ft material
WSBK-22G 22AWG-solid-wire-black ft material
WSBL-22G 22AWG-solid-wire-blue ft material
WSRD-22G 22AWG-solid-wire-red ft material
# Name Unit Type
ARDUDIEC arduino-diecimila ea part
BB-R188-2RS bearing-R188 ea part
BB-R3-2RS bearing-R3 ea part
BT-025I bearing-thrust ea part
CN-025I coupling-nut-1/4-7/8L ea part
HDR-01I breakout-header-0.1" ea part
HN-025I hex-nut-1/4 ea part
HN-1024I hex-nut-10-24 ea part
HN-632I hex-nut-6-32 ea part
S-025I3L screw-1/4-3L ea part
S-1024I0375L-BSC screw-10-24-3/8L-button-socket-cap ea part
S-1024I05L-BSC screw-10-24-1/2L-button-socket-cap ea part
S-1024I075L-BSC screw-10-24-3/4L-button-socket-cap ea part
S-1024I0875L-FP screw-10-24-7/8L-flat-phillips ea part
S-1024I1L-BSC screw-10-24-1L-button-socket-cap ea part
S-1024I2L screw-10-24-2L ea part
S-1024I3L screw-10-24-3L ea part
S-632I0125L screw-6-32-1/8L ea part
S-632I025L screw-6-32-1/4L ea part
S-632I0375L screw-6-32-3/8L ea part
SLW-025I spring-lock-washer-1/4 ea part
SMCD-025B disk-motor-coupling-set ea part
SMCJ-025B jaw-motor-coupling-set ea part
SMDB-RRv12 stepper-driver-pcb ea part
SMDK-RRv12 stepper-driver-kit ea part
SM-N23 stepper-motor ea part
SN-025I square-nut-1/4 ea part
SP-632I025L screw-plastic-6-32-1/4L ea part
TB-120XL belt-120XL ea part
TB-240XL belt-240XL ea part
TB-280XL belt-280XL ea part
TB-400XL belt-400XL ea part
TB-540XL belt-540XL ea part
TP-XL10T025B pulley-XL10T ea part
W-025I washer-1/4 ea part
W-10I washer-10 ea part
W-6I washer-6 ea part
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