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02/02 Contraptor in Low-tech Magazine


01/11 Art installation uses XY plotter


08/15 Contraptor in Scion magazine
04/17 Contraptor PCB milling challenge
03/29 Production angle available
03/02 Mini CNC in Germany and Australia
02/22 Getting feedback on beta kits
02/09 Production angle update
01/24 Alpha angle is sold out
01/10 Alpha angle received


12/23 Contraptor is in Definitive Guide to OS Hardware 2009 by MAKE Mag!
12/14 Shopbot is drilling Contraptor angle @ HinesDesignLabs
12/12 Angle is getting ready to be drilled on Shopbot
12/09 Linear motion components are being fabricated in house
12/04 metric version is under development
12/03 mini CNC accuracy tests
11/23 Lasering DIY Contraptor templates
11/20 mini CNC fabricated its first object
11/17 Riley Porter talks about Contraptor project at HacDC Lightning Talks
11/12 Cubespawn is prototyping their Flexible Manufacturing System with Contraptor
11/11 square tube linear motion prototyping
11/09 mini CNC linear motion testing
11/05 sleeve bearings linear motion prototype
11/05 sliding element drilling jig prototype
11/03 mini CNC assembly update
11/02 perforated angle drilling jig prototype
10/31 rack and pinion ideas - lasercut rack
10/29 mini CNC case study in real time
10/28 Contraptor forums are open
10/27 Pre-order Contraptor beta kits
10/27 Contraptor source hosted on Thingiverse and Google 3D Warehouse
10/26 Contraptor made headlines at popular blogs including MAKE magazine and ladyada

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