Make Linear Rail



Linear rail consists of a thin aluminum angle held by several rail supports mounted on perforated angle of the same length.

Linear rail comes in several lengths: 6", 12", 18", 24" etc. A pair of rails and at least a pair of linear bearings are needed to make a complete linear stage.

Version Info

Parts List

qty part source
1 aluminum angle equal 1/2x1/16 12" long
4 linear-rail-support custom part, buy, 3D print (todo: link), or fabricate
4 screw 10-24 1/2L bsc
4 hex nut 10-24
4 washer 10

Source Files



Saw the necessary length of the thin aluminum angle.

Rail support

  • Pre-fabricated rail supports will be available for purchase separately from a kit.
  • Rail supports can be 3D printed (needs testing)
  • DIY rail supports are made from standard aluminum bar 1"x1/8". Make them from SVG templates, according to the instructions in Howto section. To mark the holes in the bar for 6-32 screws, clamp the bar with an angle piece in a vise as shown (pic__) and use 3/16" dia transfer punch touching the inner wall of the angle when punching. This will ensure that the holes are accurate. Todo: add pictures.



Gather parts. You will need one rail support piece for each 3" of rail length. 12" rail is shown here.

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