Make Coupling Nut Clamp


The coupling nut clamp is the angle stock with three pairs of 7/64" holes in it. Two pairs and four screws are used to clamp 1/4" coupling nut, and one pair is used to attach the clamp to the lead nut mount.


  • Aluminium angle, 1"x1", 1/8" thick
  • Coupling nut 1/4", 7/8" long, 3/8" wide
  • Machine screws 6-32, 1/8"
  • Machine screws 6-32, 1/4"
  • Machine screws 6-32, 3/8"

Source Files


Make the angle piece from SVG or PDF template, according to the instructions in Howto section. Tap the holes with 6-32 tap.
File two notches on one edge of the coupling nut, about 1/8" from the ends (Dremel with cutoff wheel works too).


In the side with one pair of holes, install two 1/8" screws from the inside out. Place the coupling nut flat against the opposite side of the clamp (with two pairs of holes). Install two 3/8" screws so that they go into the notches on the coupling nut. The nut should be securely clamped.

The remaining two 1/4" screws are used to attach the coupling nut clamp to the lead nut mount.

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