Make Captive Nut


Captive nut angle fits over the standard perforated angle. One leg is used to fix it to the perforated angle, another leg with the captive nut can accept long 10-24 screw. Several of these angles can be used to fix a tool such as drill or dremel to the frame.


  • Aluminium angle, 1"x1", 1/8" thick
  • Machine screws, 6-32, 1/4"
  • Machine nut 10-24, 3/8"

Source Files


Make the angle piece from SVG or PDF template, according to the instructions in Howto section


Install two 6-32 screws from outside. Place the nut under their heads and drive a 10-24 screw from the inside. Install third 6-32 screw and tighten all three, making sure that the 10-24 screw is not locked and can turn. If 6-32 screws stick out too much on the other side, use file to flatten them.

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