Linear Rails & Bearings Subset

Obsolete Page

The subsets have been replaced by kits.


This subset includes linear rail pairs of different lengths from 6" to 24", as well as linear bearings.

The advantages over sliding elements are:

  • Linear bearings do not bind if driven at one point
  • Low friction improves the accuracy of the belt drive
  • The rail is fully supported - axis can be of any length
  • Rails can be used with T-slot


  • Heavier weight
  • Light duty since the ball bearings are side-loaded


  • Basic linear motion subset


  • DIY: $150 in parts and materials + shipping/taxes from 2 vendors
  • Fabricated kit: tbd


fabbed items qty
rail-6 channel 2
rail-6 drill rod 4
rail-12 channel 2
rail-12 drill rod 4
rail-18 channel 2
rail-18 drill rod 4
rail-24 channel 2
rail-24 drill rod 4
linear-bearing-1 half tube 4
linear-bearing-2.5 half tube 4
linear-bearing-3.5 half tube 4
parts qty
R3-2RS bearing 32
screw 10-24 1/2" 32
nut 10-24 64
flat screw 10-24 7/8" 80
square nut 1/4 80


Bill of materials

item qty unit part# vendor/link notes
bearing R3-2RS 4 10-pk kit715
AL tube 2x1.5x1/8 1 ft N/A
AL channel 1x0.5x1/8 2 8-ft N/A
O1 drill rod 1/4 6 3-ft 8893K36
screw flat 10-24 7/8" 2 50-pk 92210A246
square nut 1/4-20 1 100-pk 94855A127
nut 10-24 1 100-pk 90480A011
screw 10-24 1/2" 1 100-pk 91440A242 round combo

Note: the BoM is arranged and the vendors are picked to minimize the total order cost. Some vendors happen to have affiliate programs in which we participate. For us this is one of the ways to raise money for the project. For you, there is no added cost. If you come across a significantly cheaper vendor, please let us know.

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