Fast Drilling Contraption


The task was to drill 16x16=256 holes per square inch in 8"x10" area of the cutting mat with 1/32" drill bit (~20,000 holes total). The job was done in about 6 hours with pauses after every square inch.

  • Axis travel: X~12" / Y~9".
  • Assembly time: approx 4 hrs.
  • Accuracy: ~1/32" in X,Y due to stretching belts. The accuracy in X,Y was not very important for this task.


  • Backlash ~1/32" in X,Y due to stretching belts and weight of Y stage
  • Z axis motor has to be always on to stop Z stage from falling down


Arduino GCode Interpreter with mods to keep Z stepper always on

Source Files

In action

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