Alpha Angle

We received the alpha angle from our first trial production run. While the angle has some issues, it's a great first milestone towards the distributed production of kits. We're working on addressing the quality issues in the next production run.

The alpha angle has uniform inter-hole spacing, however the centering can be a bit off. We have mostly fixed this by drilling the holes out to 5/16" - this brings the holes to within the maximum allowable tolerance. Since the holes are 5/16", washers will need to be used with 10-24 screws and nuts.

Also, small percentage of cuts leave longer ends than they should be, which can be a problem in situations where angle can't stick out outside of its footprint. The end would then need to be sawn off.

The sawn edges can be sharp and should be handled carefully. The angle might also have some burrs left, although we tried to remove most burrs by countersinking. Our next production run should include countersinking.

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