What is Contraptor

Contraptor is a DIY open source construction set for experimental personal fabrication, desktop manufacturing, prototyping and bootstrapping.


What to do with it

Various —Āartesian robots can be assembled from Contraptor and used as a prototyping platform for projects such as XY plotter, mini CNC machine, 3D printer etc.


What's new

02/02 Contraptor in Low-tech Magazine
01/11 Art installation uses XY plotter
08/15 Contraptor in Scion magazine
04/17 Contraptor PCB milling challenge
03/29 Production angle available
03/02 Mini CNC in Germany and Australia
02/22 Getting feedback on beta kits
02/09 Production angle update
01/24 Alpha angle is sold out
01/10 Alpha angle received
12/23 Contraptor is in Definitive Guide to OS Hardware 2009 by MAKE Mag!

Make Contraptor

You can make components of the structural + linear motion kits of Contraptor at home for about $300 in parts and materials, plus shipping, taxes and time. Sketchup models of Contraptor components are hosted on Google 3D Warehouse while the DXF exports and SVG templates are hosted on Thingiverse.

Buy Contraptor

Help beta test Contraptor - order one of the beta kits. The kits are currently made to order.

Get involved

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There are many things you can do: build new contraptions, develop new components, share your jigs for making components, create and improve linear motion designs, make video tutorials, enhance documentation, provide support, find and test solutions for problems, fix bugs etc. If you like this project, you can pick something to work on that's fun for you, design|code|write|build it and share it with the community.

In the wild

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